Architecture in Moscow (2004)

모스크바의 건축 (2004)

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Moscow State University (1945-1953), 7/1/2004
* architect R.Ludnev etc. Stalin Style

View toward city center from the university, 7/1/2004

Church of Our Lady of Kazan, Kolomenskoye (17c), 7/1/2004

(same as above)

(same as above)

A household annexe, Kolomenskoye (18c), 7/1/2004
* originaly built in Preobrazhenskoye

Church of the Ascension (1532), 7/1/2004

(same as left)

Log Cottage of Peter the Great, Kolomenskoye (1702), 7/1/2004
* originaly built in the St. Mark Island

(same as above)

(same as left)

Indoor of A Birdge, the Moskva River, 7/1/2004

Landscape by the Moskva River, 7/1/2004

Krymasky Birdge, 7/1/2004

Cathedral of Christ the Saver, 7/1/2004
* 1832-83 built, architect K. Ton
* 1931 destroyed, 1995-2000 restored

Toward Kremlin, 7/1/2004

Beklemishevskaya Tower (1487)
* Italian architect Marco Fryazin

Apartment Block (1940s), 7/1/2004
* one of seven Stalin style Buildings

? Church, 7/1/2004

New Complex Building Site, 7/1/2004

Contemporary Music Hall, 7/1/2004

(same as left)

Apartment Block (1950-54), 7/1/2004
* one of the the seven Stalin style building

The Ukraine Hotel (1950-57), 7/1/2004
* architect A. Mordvinov, Stalin style

The White House
Premises of the Russian Government

Maxim Gorky Museum (19c), 7/1/2004
* architect F. O. Shekhtel

T.A.C.C. Building, 7/1/2004

The Moscow University (1786-93), 7/1/2004
* architect M. Kazakov

Borovitskaya Tower in Kremlin, 7/1/2004

The Grand Kremlin Palace (1838-49), 7/1/2004
* architect Konstantin Ton

The Carhedral of the Dormition (1475-1479)
* Italian architect Aristitle Fioravanti

The Cathedral of the Annunciation (1484-89), 7/1/2004

The Church of Deposition
of the Virgin's Robe (1484-1485)

The Archangel Michael
(1505-1508), 7/1/2004
* Italian architect Adelvisio Novy

Interior (same as left)

The iconostasis and fresco (same as left)

Gate in the iconostasis (same as left)

Interior of The Cathedral Annunciation
(late 16c), 7/1/2004

Bell Tower of Ivan the Great (16c)

The Czar Bell (1733-1735), 7/1/2004
* craftman V. Kobelev etc.

The Czar Cannon (1586)
* master Andrei Chokhov, 7/1/2004

Troistskaya Tower (1495), 7/1/2004

(same as left)

History Museum (1883), 7/1/2004
* architect V. Shervud

Red Square (1493), 7/1/2004

Resurrection Gate with the Chapel
of the Iberian Icon of Our Lady, 7/1/2004
* built from a scratch in 1994-95

Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed
(1555-61), 7/1/2004
* architects Barma and Postnik

(same as above)
* with Monument to Kozman and Dmitri
Pozharsky by Ivan Martos (1818)

Interior of Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, 7/1/2004

The Lenin Mausoleum (1929-30), 7/1/2004
* architect A. Shchusev

Long subway escalator, 7/1/2004

Interior of Arbatskaya metro, 7/1/2004

Painting on the Arbat Street pavement, 7/1/2004

Melinikov House (1927-29), 7/1/2004
* architect Kostantin Melnikov

A view from the road (same as above)

Window detail (same as above)

Small park with scuplture on Arbat Street, 7/1/2004

(same as left)

Apartmenthouse for the Peoples' Commissariat of Finance (1928-30), 7/8/2004
* architect Moisey Ginzburg

(same as left)

Zuyev Worker's Club (1927-29), 7/8/2004
* architect Ilya Golosov

Interior (same as above)

Rusakov Worker's Club (1927-29), 7/8/2004
* architect K. Melinikov

(same as left)

Tsentrosoyuz (1929-36), 7/8/2004
* architect Le Corbusier

(same as left)

The Gate Church of the Transfiguration (1688), 7/8/2004

Panoramic View of Novodevichy Convent (same as above)

The Cathedral (same as above)

Church and Bell Tower (same as above)

Bell Tower (1689-90)

The Gate Church of the Intersession (late 17c)

Lopukhin Palace (1687-9)

Sundial (same as left)

Cathedral of Christ the Savior, 7/8/2004
* 1832-83 built and 1995-2000 restored

Children are the victim's of adult's vice (2001), 7/8/2004
* scluptor Mihail Chemiakin

A luxury apartment (2004), 7/8/2004
* architect Sergey Skurator

(same as above)

(same as above)

Main entrance (same as above)

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